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Professional Bodywork By Jade
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A Private Tranquil Haven awaits you. Inviting you to completely Rejuvenate, Renew, Relax, Refresh & Unwind from your daily stresses of  Everyday Life. You will have the best sleep you had in a long time. I welcome the opportunity to earn your trust & deliver you one of the best Professional Bodywork in NOVA with Ultimate Relaxation.













Never Doubt The Power of Touch..Relaxing Bodywork through the essence of touch, my own combination of kneading, tapping, stroking, vibration & pressure.

You Get Ultimate Relaxation & much more with My Self-Developed Bodywork, a combination of styles.


I been a Relaxation Specialist for 6 years experienced, in using the art of touch.  

Born in the US & been here all my life, but I have an accent. I am very Irish & was born on St. Patrick's Day. 

I am a naturally gifted with the art of bodywork & relaxation with my touch. I deeply care about making sure you get an UN-Rushed Bodywork Appointment. Where time has no meaning and you are truly very relaxed, calm and stress free, when you leave. I’ll make you forget every bad experience you've ever had with a Bodywork  & give you a memory that will stay with you forever.

I welcome the opportunity to earn your trust and deliver you one of  the best relaxation bodywork session in the NOVA area.

Thank You for taking the time to review my site & career experience, qualifications & ambitions within the Bodywork Industry. I take great pride in sustaining the highest level of professionalism.

    Committing to giving you an Extraordinary Deep Relaxation with my bodywork; with knowledge about relaxation and your body

Did you know that the U.S Centers for Disease Control claims that 85? to 90 of all diseases can be attributed to stress? Continued stress affects your health, which leads to resistance, which blocks energy movement.

People are choosing Bodywork (massage) for healing wellness & spiritual well-being.



Extraordinary Professional Bodywork Every-Time. Every Appointment IS GUARANTEED To Be An experience you will not forget and one of the most memorable relaxation experiences you will ever encounter! An amazing depth of relaxation you will feel, as I slowly guide you to surrender into deep relaxation, while igniting all your senses.

Always Serving You With Excellence and Professionalism. I Promise You, if your truly looking to be relaxed, look no further. I love the difference I make in people's quality of life with my bodywork. My expertise will guaranteed you relaxation, rejuvenation & the best sleep you had in months. You get superior quality with my bodywork.

Hands touching your body, speaking a language sometimes foreign to even the most well-versed of beings. Stripping away stress. Quieting the voices of pain & feelings of discontent. We share moments of rebuilding. Thoughts of compassion. Increasing senses of well-being. It's the Vitamin R &T for Relaxing Touch. With one vision, one vibe, one moment. Melting away uncertainties from the inside & igniting a new passion for life. Your body deserves Extraordinary Deep Relaxation & to be touched with a caring compassion with knowledge of healing, with respect for your body, mind, emotions & soul. Your journey begins here with me.

Knowing that you are safe, accepted without judgment, at your own level of comfort.


Replenish yourself or maybe you just want to escape from the trials of a long day or need to get away for awhile. In our impersonal & technological society, there is a need , almost a cry for caring human touch, especially in the Washington / NOVA area, where we spend most of our days working, in the office in meetings and sitting / stuck in traffic. Whatever the reason is. I offer a retreat tailored to your specific needs. Step into a tranquil surrounding environment with soft sounds of music, Aromatherapy for your senses & connect with your inner-self, where serenity & repose are sedatives for happiness. All of your senses will be indulged. Let my Soothing touch help your stresses, worries, pressure of daily life, aches & pains melt away. Your feel on cloud nine and totally rejuvenated when its over.

It’s time to treat yourself to quality you expect. I do love the satisfaction of knowing my bodywork is truly very relaxing. So come in & enjoy the UN-Rushed appointment. You will immediately feel at ease with my good-natured personality. Give your body the attention it’s been longing for & deserves. I focus on relaxation & I listen when your body speaks to help me find all the aches, knots, pains you may have & even the sore areas you were not even aware that needs attention also. Whether you prefer hard to medium or soft pressure, or ultra-light fingertip touch. Be assured my full attention is given to you, a total pampering, relaxing bodywork


My Bodywork is a series of techniques taken from natural therapies to induce natural relaxation to help eliminate physical & mental tension in your body. It helps you to have a calm, rested body & mind. You can relive stress & tension from your daily life. Stress has been seen to be a major cause of many deadly diseases. Relaxation can be used to prevent & treat these illnesses. The goal is to use the power of the mind & body to achieve a sense of relaxation.

Relaxation lowers the metabolism & make a person feel relaxed. Stress can throw your nervous system out of balance, my techniques can bring the nervous system back into a balanced state by producing the relaxation response, a state of deep calmness that is the opposite of the stress response. Stress can overwhelm your nervous system & your body is flooded with chemicals that prepare you for a fight. The stress response can be lifesaving in emergency situations where you need to act quickly, it wears your body down when constantly activated by the stresses of everyday life. Relaxation puts the brakes on this state of readiness, brings your body/mind back into a state of relaxation.


My services are best suited for someone who truly appreciates relaxation. So when skill & exquisite touch are important attributes, look no further. I create an atmosphere where you can unwind.... Intended to relieve your body of daily stresses & provide a truly relaxing experience. Find yourself with in a blissful feeling. Where every detail is given the closest attention. The experience is like no other! Extremely Relaxing! Clients have been so relaxed, they fall asleep right on the table! So Relax and allow all tension to completely leave your body. Non-smoking, beautiful, upscale environment with all of the amenities you need for Bodywork in my studio without any distractions.

Your inner self & sensuality craves attention. At first we find it difficult to relax & surrender to relaxation, Stokes can be fast or slow, but in terms of their effect, the slower, the better! The reason for this is that the natural response to touch by the nervous system. Once you allow time for the nervous system to establish that you are in no harm, and in safe hands, true relaxation can occur.